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You Can Work In Saudi Arabia And Make Enough Money To Pay The Mortgage

Here is an inspirational story for those of you that still require added motivation to help make your minds up. You are still deciding whether it will be feasible for you to apply for physician jobs in saudi arabia, of all the places in the world. Perhaps it is the distance from home or the vast cultural and religious gulf that concerns you. It should not because the Saudis are quite serious about hiring you. That is assuming that you were an exceptional student, got good grades and received solid recommendations.

This story did not end well. In later years, this star couple, after having established their nest egg and raised their family during its formative years, parted ways. Such is the reality of life for many busy professionals today. They are so focused on doing well in their careers, or perhaps that is their vocation, that they have little time for anything else. Perhaps this served as a warning on the realities of modern, professional life today.

But it would have to be a story for another day. The inspirational side of the story is that these two hardworking and brightly talented men and women left their shores to go work in Saudi Arabia. He was an executive chef at one of those (very) high rise six star establishments in Riyadh. She was a nursing sister, working for one of the private medical institutions that opened up wings in the country’s major cities.

physician jobs in saudi arabia

And on recess from their busy work schedules, they quite literally met eat other in the desert and fell in love. Some stories say that this is kismet. It is romantic when you think about it, in an era of heavy demands to make progress.  

physician jobs in saudi arabia