6 Common Causes of Headaches

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Are headaches interfering with your day more often than you’d like to admit? Headaches are usually caused by an underlying concern. It is important that you understand the common causes of headaches and seek treatment of headaches in Houston if you cannot resolve them on your own. Six of the most common causes of headaches:

1.  Stress

Stress causes many things to happen to your body. Headaches happen to be one of those things. Make sure you find ways to keep your stress levels at bay to prevent headaches and other health concerns.

2.  Glare

Are you staring at a computer screen all day long?  Is the sunlight from the great outdoors beating down on you throughout the day while you are at work or enjoying the day? The glare could very well cause you to experience a headache of substantial magnitude.

3.  Improper Nutrition/Eating Habits

Do not wait to eat when you are hungry. A hunger headache is common and many people experience them if they go several hours without eating. Some people also experience headaches when they eat the wrong foods. Choose a nutrient-rich menu that includes fresh fruits and vegetable, lean proteins, and whole grains.

4.  Improper Sleep

Sleep too much or too little and a headache may be the consequence. Most experts recommend that you get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Sleeping too much or too little could cause a headache.

5.  Noises

Many people think that just loud noises will cause a headache, but the truth is that any noise can cause a headache. Any continuous noise for a period of time may cause a headache.

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6.  Medications

Certain medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, can trigger headaches. If you were headache-free until you started a specific medication, perhaps you should ask your doctor if this could be the culprit.